A safe, secure home-away -from-home

Babies come into the world ready to learn. They are especially interested in other people and in communicating with them using eye contact, crying, and cooing. They are sociable and curious, they explore their surrounding through relationships with others and through all their senses.

Infants are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding and sleeping. We use these patterns as our guide to introduce daily activities. Regular, flexible routines help babies gain a sense of order in the world and to anticipate events. During this period, your infant will develop an understanding and awareness of themselves. Learn that they have influence on and are influenced by others and learn that experiences can be shared.

We will make this first transition away from home easy for you and your infant by communicating with your child in non-verbal ways, such as gestures, sign language, facial expressions and singing. We will devote care and share their day with you.

Programme Outline

  • Building: Self-esteem through nurture and personal care
  • Interaction: Sing nursery rhymes while stroking or pointing to infant's hands, feet or nose 
  • Play: Focus on cognitive and motor skills through playtime and activities
  • Development: Soft toys and story time
  • Communication: Between teachers and parents to reflect on your baby's progress and development