Because children learn with their bodies as well as their minds

About Kinderdance®

Kinderdance® is the  original worldwide dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness programme that combine academic readiness skills which are specifically designed for children ages 2 to 12 years for both boys & girls

Kinderdance® programmes blend educational concepts with various forms of movement, dance, and gymnastics.

The programmes help develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, fitness, and body awareness.

Each class is taught using lesson plans which incorporate original and traditional age-appropriate music and songs.

The programmes focus on the total child and eliminate the need to enroll your child in multiple activities.

Programme Features

Kinderdance® (ages 3-5)
Teaches the basics of ballet, tap and gymnastics, whilst learning key educational concepts.

Kindermotion® (ages 3-12)
Prepares students’ minds for athletic and academic pursuits through education and movement programmes.

Kindertots® (age 2)
A physical development and body awareness programme that helps children learn numbers, colours, shapes and songs.

Kindergym® (ages 3-5)
A floor gymnastics programme with emphasis on social and gross motor skill development.

Kindercombo™ (ages 6-9)
A combination of ballet, tap and modern dance that gives children a solid foundation on which to learn.